1. Kisanserv introduced its flagship product called ‘Bidb’ which is price discovery and data transparency framework for fruits and vegetables. We brought the automated price dsicovery framework which enabled suppliers and corporate buyers to be in one platform and process quick execution, the quality checks were done by Kisanserv. This brought efficiency into the system. Saved 20% of cost savings during food procurement to buyers and wastage % was below 3% - much below industry standards. In 2019, Upgraded our price discovery platform with . Added bulk buying capabilities through our predictive AI taking into account years of data embedded within our platform. Single Buyer procurement solution with next day supply leading to multiplier effect in volumes and saved additional cost for food sourcers.

  2. A great shopping experience through our app and website where you can purchase the best of Fruits & Vegetables and Groceries with the best price specifically curated keeping the customer quality and sensibilities in mind.

  3. Kiranas and retailers are the backbone of India, and we at Kisanserv believe in partnering with local stores rather than competing. Introducing our Saajhedaari initiative which partners with local stores and help them grow their business without the fear of losing 1 paisa. A unique business proposition which helps grow your retail biz without any operational or capital expense.
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  4. Large enterprise clients, HORECA segments buy at bulk across various locations, but the process is filled with inefficiencies and high on operations. With its founders coming from such background, we felt the need to address this and bring transparency into system where it’s a win-win for suppliers and buyers. Already catering to over 30+ HORECA partners including Effingut, Turfclub, and Corporate partners including CSS, Bindra’s and more.
    Fruits, and vegetables play an integral part in everyday import and export globally as well as domestically. Kisanserv through its wide network and supply chains, plays a role in global and domestic trades.
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  1. India loves food, every location has different cuisines which is loved. Be it vada pav in the cricketing streets of Dadar (Mumbai) or Pandra Rassa in Kolhapur. Kisanserv through its experience and expertise in procuring ‘grade A’ quality fruits, and vegetables with best rates, we can successfully control all stages from procurement to your plates keeping total efficiency in quality and price.

  2. Imagine a seamless integrated shopping experience where what you order reaches you in 30 mins, Yes! You have guessed it right, for the very 1st time in India – we are introducing Express delivery mechanism where the delivery time for each Fruits and vegetables order will reach within 30 mins.

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